Book Drive!

April 30, 2015

OKCMAR Foundation Liaison Ashley Worley (pictured left) delivered the first Foundation grant check for $5,000 to a shelter for children. The Pauline E. Mayer Shelter is an emergency DHS shelter for children birth – 18 years who have been removed from their homes due to allegations of abuse, or abandonment, sexual exploitation and family circumstances beyond their control.

The staff of the Mayer shelter strive to provide a safe and reassuring place for children during a traumatic time in their lives. Children are taken to museums, sporting events, movies, amusement and water parks. The staff of the Mayer shelter have also helped teenage residents go to the prom and made sure young athletes get to school sporting events.

Patricia Rowe, Executive Director of the shelter sent the following statement: “First of all Thank-you so much… we at Pauline E. Mayer Shelter very much appreciate the gift. The support of the community has always been, and will continue to be, a key to the success of our children.  Your generosity of $5,000 overwhelms us. We cannot fully express our sincere gratitude but please accept our heartfelt thanks.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Ms. Rowe continued with, “we will use 100% of the money for our children. We have children birth – 18 years of age. We can have up 48 kids. A few things we will use it for are:  outings, movie and popcorn, trips, gift cards for sonic, McDonald’s and other food places so we can take the kids out to eat. Fun outside toys. Our kids go to school at their home school so we send money or items for anything they need at school. Sometimes kids are here on their birthday and we need to make sure they get a gift. We love to have the ice cream truck come.  Anything to keep the kids busy while they are having to be away from family and until placement can be found.

Some of the kids it is their first time for a movie, going out to eat and getting the ice cream from the truck. If you could see the kids’ faces when they get to do these things it would touch you and your group so much. Again I Thank-You and so does the staff and children at Pauline Mayer”

Another way the OKCMAR Foundation plans to help is by building the shelter library and hosting a book-drive! If you need to do some ‘spring-cleaning,’ and have any extra ‘gently-used’ books that you want to bring in, you are more than welcome.  The Pauline E. Mayer Shelter will be grateful for any donations received.  Books will need to be suitable for kindergarten through 18 years old.  OKCMAR will be accepting books through the end of April, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.