Charter Members

Be kept informed of activities
Opportunities to participate with all projects of the Foundation
You will be surveyed about new projects of interest to you
We will have special events for Charter Members (“Founders”)
Put it on your business cards and résumés
Enjoy the status of being a Founder of the OKCMAR Foundation for LIFE!


OKCMAR Foundation Charter Members
Arsenault, Jennifer
Babollah, Bijan
Bachman, Judith
Bateman, Bill
Bozman, Helen
Brice, CheRita
Burgamy, Rodney
Challis, Kandi
Clayton, Mary
Cooper, Shelly
Cox, Marcus Jr.
Faulkner, GiGi
Frymire, Andrea
Greene, Michelle
Greer, Frank
Hanson, Mary
Holder, Matthew
Howard, Teresa
Ivins, Becky
Koeninger, Lorna
Lorg, Don
Lorg, Susanna
Ludlam, Jeff
Mandel, Scotty
Mann, Steve
Mandel, Scotty
Marbell, Tony
Marshall, Dick & Patti
McWilliams, Jack
Ogden, Richard
Oltermann, Patricia
Pace, Terri
Schnorrenberg, Lisa
Segler, Sherri
Shepherd, Morrie
Stark, Kathryn
Statler, Paulette
Stephens, Julie
Stewart Abstract and Title Co.
Studer, Jeanie
Taggart, Keith
Timm, Carol
Wells, Chuck
Williams-McLain, Janet  (In memory)